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Apology and some answers…

Please accept my apologies for the slow response. I am working hard to improve the way we do things. The PL insurance is intended to cover you against third party risks in the context of your beekeeping activities. It does

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Two Cheers For Europe

Friends of the Bees fully supports the two-year moratorium on three neonicotinoid pesticides announced today by the European Parliament.  We note that Over 2.5 million people signed the Avaaz petition, asking Environment Minister Owen Paterson to make a decision based

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Bumblebee Conservation Trust – In Denial Over Neonicotinoid Pesticides

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR of the Sunday Herald Stinging rebuke for bee conservers Dear Editor, Since neonicotinoid pesticides were introduced in 1992, ten million honey-bee colonies have died globally. Bumblebee and bird populations have crashed in every country where

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Welcome to Friends of the Bees

Welcome… If you don’t yet know what Friends of the Bees is about, please read the ‘About us’ page. If you find anything broken, or you need to ask/tell me anything, please email me. If I tell you my name

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